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What is stormwater pollution?

 Stormwater pollution comes from many sources.  As rainwater and other runoff flows across the ground, they pick up harmful contaminants like fertilizers, pesticides and dirt.  When the rainwater hits our streets, the water mixes with waste oil, automotive fluids and plant debris.  Unlike the wastewater we put down our sinks and toilets, stormwater flows to our waterways untreated.  This contaminates the water and can harm wildlife.

 Stormwater pollution is now considered the most significant source of water pollution in our country.  Past water pollution control efforts were directed at industrial sources and good progress has been made.  Now, non-industrial activities impact water quality more than industrial operations.

 In compliance with state and federal requirements, the City of Lodi has developed a Stormwater Management Program committed to protecting our rivers and the Delta by involving and educating our residents in stormwater pollution prevention, regulating stormwater runoff from construction sites, investigating non-stormwater discharges and reducing non-stormwater run-off from municipal operations.  You can access the City of Lodiís Stormwater Management Program (PDF file) by clicking the link in the left navigation bar.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Guide

Please report any incidents of waste dumping to the Lodi Stormwater Hotline at 368-5735

The following educational brochures are now available on-line in PDF format: