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Streets - 100 Series


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101 Street Sections

111 Special Commercial Driveway

112 Square-Type Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk and Residential Driveway

113A Driveway-Type Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk

113B Driveway-Type Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk

114 Commercial-Type Gutter and Driveway

115 Concrete Alley Approach

117 Sidewalk Repair

119 Sign Post Installation

121 Sidewalk and Driveway with Planting Strip

123 Frame and Cover Adjustment

128 Dead-End Barricade

129 Through-The-Curb Drain

130 Survey Monument Assembly (6")

131 Street Light Foundation for Future Installation

132A Type 1 Handicap Ramp

132B Type 2 Handicap Ramp

132C Type 3 Handicap Ramp

132D Type 4 Handicap Ramp

132E Type 5 Handicap Ramp

133 Residential Street Knuckle

134 Parking Standards

135 Vertical-Type Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk & Residential Driveway

136 Rolled-Type Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk

137 Tree Well Sprinkler System Installation

138A Grated Tree Well

138B Grated Tree Well

139 Dead-End Barricade (Fence Type)

140 Tree Planting/Irrigation Standard Detail

141 Various Crosswalk Layouts

142 Street Name Sign System

143 Concrete Slab for Basement Access Spanning Detail

145 Parking Lot Planters and Tree Wells

146 Street Name Sign Mast Arm Mounting Details

147 Unimount Mounting Hardware Details

148 Pedestrian Push Button Sign

149 Standard Residential Driveway Size and Location

150 Benchmark

151 Existing Landscape Repair For New Construction

152 Wedge Driveway
































Wastewater - 200 Series


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201 Wastewater Service Cleanout

202 Monitoring Structure

203 Wastewater Service

204 Waste Interceptor

205 Sand/Oil Trap































Storm - 300 Series


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301 48" Manhole

302 Saddle Manhole

303 Side Inlet Catch Basin

304 Drop Inlet Catch Basin Curb Inlet Sidewalk Type

307 Catch Basin Assembly

308 Drop Inlet Catch Basin Assembly

309 Manhole Assembly (24")

310 24" Riser

313 Construction Catch Basin Filter

314 Gutter Transition Detail

315 Sand/Oil Trap































Water - 400 Series


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401 Fire Hydrant Installation

402 Water Valve Installation

403 1" Water Service

404 Water Blow-Off - Permanent

405 Thrust Block Requirements

406 Domestic Water Service (3", 4", 6" & 8")

407 Fire Service

408 Water Valve Frame & Cover

409 Temporary Water Blow-Off and Connection Details

410 Water & Wastewater Service Modification

411 Double Check Valve Assembly

412 1-1/2" & 2" Water Service

413 Reduced Pressure Backflow Device Assembly

414 Dual Water & Wastewater Service

415A Water Main Separation from Sanitary Hazard: New Wastewater Line Construction

415B Water Main Separation from Sanitary Hazard: New Water Main Construction

416 2" Fire Sprinkler Service

417 Water Sampling Station

418 Dual Water Service (duplex)

419 2" Meter Bypass for Large Water Service




























Miscellaneous - 500 Series


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501A Pipe Bedding and Backfill: Flexible Pipe Trench Section

501B Pipe Bedding and Backfill: Rigid Pipe Trench Section

501C Pipe Bedding and Backfill: Rigid Pipe Bedding Requirements

502 Standard Abbreviations

503 Drafting Symbols

505 Pipe Marker

506 Trench Structural Section Requirements

507 Joint Trenching Details






























Engineering - 600 Series


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601 Standard Utility Locations in Streets

602 Standard Utility Locations in Easements/Private Streets

603 Street Name Sign Location

604 Title Block for Private Engineers

605 Map Statements

606 Rainfall Intensity

608 Gutter Hydraulic Capacities

610 Sanitary Sewer Leakage Test

611 R/W Corner Cut-Off & Curb Return Requirements

612 Curb Return Layout Plan






























Traffic - 700 Series


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700 General Notes Marker Details Legend

701 Lane Striping Typical Detail for Speed Zones 40 MPH or Less

702 Lane Striping Typical Detail for Speed Zones 45 MPH or More

703 Edgeline and Median Lane Typical Details

704 Two-Way Left Turn Lane Details

705 Lane Drops Channelizing Lanes Typical Details

706 Bike Lane Lines Lane Line Extensions Typical Details

707 Centerline Striping Detail

708 School Pavement Marking Detail

709 Stop Ahead Pavement Marking Detail

710 Pavement Marking Details

711 Pavement Marking Details

712 Road Sign Typical Installation

713 Bike Lane Pavement Marking Detail

714 Stop Pavement Markings and Detail 21

715 Stop Pavement Markings and Detail 22

716 Fire Hydrant Pavement Marker Locations

717 Yield Pavement Markings