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Keep Your Recyclables Out of the Garbage!

Your green curbside cart is provided to store recyclable materials for collection. All recyclables can be mixed together in your cart. The following is a list of some of the acceptable items:


  • Aluminum, steel & tin cans
  • Junk mail
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Magazines
  • Plastic containers and bottles labeled 1-7
  • Colored paper & bags
  • Newspapers
  • Envelopes
  • Paper grocery bags
  • Shoe boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Telephone books
  • Frozen food boxes

You may request up to two (2) recycling carts at no additional charge

Pleae keep in mind that residential customers are not the only ones that are able to participate in the City's recycling program. Commercial recycling is also strongly encouraged. Please contact Central Valley Waste Services at (209) 369-8274 to discuss commercial recycling opportunities.

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling

California's AB1826 recycling law (MORe) is expanding on January 1, 2019. Please review the link below to determine if your business falls within the requirements to recycle your organic waste.

MORe Guidelines


Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulation

The State of California has made business recycling a requirement in newly enacted legislation (AB 341). By July 1, 2012, all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of trash per week and all multifamily complexes with five or more units (regardless of how much trash they generate) will be required to recycle.

The threshold for compliance is determined by solid waste service capacity, and does not take into account whether or not the dumpster is actually filled on a weekly basis. Businesses sharing trash service that meet this threshold must recycle even if they individually do not generate 4 cubic yards of waste. 

If your business does not already subscribe to commercial recycling service, the City of Lodi Public Works Department can help guide you through the transition. Free business waste evaluations are available through the City’s franchised waste service provider, Waste Management, to help determine the appropriate service level and get you started.

In many cases adding recycling service can reduce your overall trash bill.  Commercial businesses can utilize carts or container service (2 or 4 yards) for recycling at no additional cost.  For more information on multi-family and commercial recycling legislation please visit CalRecycle’s website at   www.calrecycle.ca.gov/Recycle/Commercial or view Waste Management's Multi-family and Commercial Recycling update.

For questions about your company’s current service levels, or to schedule a free solid waste evaluation, contact Waste Management at (209) 369-8274.  City staff can also answer questions about the State legislation and commercial solid waste service in the City of Lodi. Contact the City Public Works Department at (209) 333-6706 or by email at rareida-yadav@lodi.gov

Recycling Assistance

Save money and reduce waste by incorporating recycling into your waste service!

Waste Management, the City’s franchised solid waste hauler, offers free waste assessments to evaluate current service and recommend improvements. To schedule an appointment, contact Waste Management at (209) 369-8274.

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) recycling

Dart Container's Lodi facility, at 1400 E. Victor Road, recycles clean polystyrene foam, including foodservice containers.

All foam must bear the "6" symbol with chasing arrows. Packaging "peanuts" are not accepted.

Polystyrene may be dropped off at any time of day in the grey collection bin located directly south of the plant's Victor Road entrance. The polystyrene foam must be placed in see-through plastic bags and tagged with the name and contact information of the person leaving the foam.

Call Dart Container at (209) 333-8088 for more information.

It's the law

The California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 (AB939) required that local agencies divert from landfills at least 50% of their waste generated by the year 2000 and continue to meet this goal yearly. The City has met the goal and continues to meet their goal as required each year.

The City still encourages the residents and businesses in the City to continue recycling in order to help us comply with AB939. For more information on AB939 please visit www.ciwmb.ca.gov/Statutes/Legislation/CalHist/1985to1989.htm and for more information on the City's diversion rates and waste stream profiles please visit www.calrecycle.ca.gov/LGCentral/DataTools/Reports/DivDispRtSum.htm.

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