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REVOCATION: This permit issued by the City of Lodi shall be revocable upon any violation of the provisions as hereinafter provided.

ACCEPTANCE OF PROVISIONS: It is understood and agreed by the Permittee that performance of any work under this permit shall constitute an acceptance of the General Provisions.

KEEP PERMIT ON THE JOBSITE: This permit, or copy thereof, shall be kept on the jobsite and must be shown to any representative of the Public Works Department, or any law enforcement officer of the City of Lodi on demand.

PERMITS FROM OTHER AGENCIES: The party or parties to whom this permit is issued shall, whenever the same is required by law, secure the written order and consent to do any work under an Encroachment Permit from CALTRANS. All work performed within paved areas, traveled ways or improved shoulders of said State Highways shall conform to the current Standard Specifications of CALTRANS. Any permit shall not be valid until such order and consent is obtained.

NOTIFICATION TO OTHER AGENCIES: No excavation shall be done until all utility agencies have been notified and have been given the opportunity to mark their facilities in the field. Notification shall be given to USA at (800) 227-2600, 48 hours prior to starting work.

MINIMUM INTERFERENCE WITH AND PROTECTION OF TRAFFIC: All work shall be planned and carried out so that there shall be the least possible inconvenience to the traveling public. Permittee is authorized to place flaggers to stop and warn or direct traffic, but traffic shall not be unreasonably delayed. One-way traffic shall be maintained at all times unless otherwise stated on this permit. Adequate provisions shall be made for the protection of the traveling public. Placing of lights, barricades, warning signs, other safety devices and other measures required for the public safety shall be the responsibility of Permittee.

STORAGE OF MATERIALS: No material shall be stored on any public street, alley, or sidewalk unless approved by the Public Works Director. Any excess earth materials from trenching or other operations shall be removed from the pavement, traveled way, or shoulders as the trench is backfilled or other work carried forward.

STANDARDS OF CONSTRUCTION: All work shall conform to City of Lodi Construction Specifications, Design Standards, and Standard Plans.

CARE OF DRAINAGE: If the work herein contemplated interferes with the established drainage, provisions shall be made by Permittee to provide adequate drainage as may be directed by the Public Works Director or his representative.

REPAIRS: Permittee shall be responsible for restoring to its former condition any portion of the street, sidewalk area or other encroachment which has been excavated or otherwise disturbed by Permittee. Permittee shall be responsible for said work for a period of one year after completion and acceptance of the work by the Public Works Director or his representative.

MAINTENANCE: Permittee agrees by acceptance of a permit to exercise reasonable care to maintain properly any encroachment placed in the street or sidewalk area, and to exercise reasonable care in inspecting for and preventing any injury to any portion of the street or sidewalk area resulting from the encroachment.

CLEANUP OF JOBSITE: Upon completion of work, the jobsite shall be restored to a condition of order and cleanliness.

INSPECTION: A minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice shall be required for inspection prior to the placing of any backfill, connection to any existing facility, or the placement of any concrete or paving work.

APPROVAL: All work shall be subject to approval by the Public Works Director or his representative.

DUST CONTROL: Dirt, dust, and mud are to be controlled by Permittee or City has the right to do the work and bill Owner.

TRENCHING, BACKFILL AND RESURFACING: All trenching and backfill shall conform to City of Lodi Standard Plans and Specifications. Resurfacing of streets shall be as required by the Public Works Director. Streets shall be resurfaced in kind or with 3-inch asphaltic concrete, whichever is greater. Upon request by the City any settlement, sagging of surface, or cracking of pavement shall be repaired immediately by and at the sole expense of the Permittee for a period of one year following the acceptance by the City.

PORTLAND CEMENT CURBS, GUTTERS, SIDEWALKS AND DRIVEWAYS: Existing concrete work shall be removed to the nearest score mark or construction joint. Sidewalk and/or curb and gutter shall be cut cleanly and removed for the entire width. All concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk, and/or driveways shall be replaced or constructed to conform to City of Lodi Standard Plans. All concrete work shall be scored and made to conform to adjacent existing concrete work unless otherwise directed by the Public Works Director.

LATERAL STREET CUTS: A street cut of 30"by 30" may be made for connection to any mainline. Connecting pipe may be required to be jacked completely under the street paving, curb and/or gutter and sidewalk. The street cut shall be backfilled and repaved in conformance with the City’s Standards.

LANDSCAPED AREA INSTALLATIONS: Where utilities are to be placed in the parking strip adjacent to the curb and/or sidewalk, Permittee shall take all necessary precautions to protect the existing curb and/or sidewalk and landscaping and shall replace same at its sole expense if damaged. No excavated material or other obstructions shall be placed on the curb and/or sidewalk location or in the gutter.

TIME ELAPSED PRIOR TO TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT REPAYING: Temporary or permanent surfacing shall be installed on the same or next working day after the backfilling has been completed or when directed by the Public Works.

FRIDAY WORK: No work shall be started on any Friday of any week if the work to be done under said permit is of such nature as to cause pedestrian or vehicular traffic interruption over the weekend if not completed.