January 9, 2004

Water Chlorination to Begin

The City of Lodi will start temporary chlorination of the Cityís drinking water system on Saturday morning, January 10, 2004.  The chlorination is tentatively planned to last for about three weeks.

The chlorination is being done as a precautionary measure and is recommended by the State Health Department Ė Stockton Office.  The chlorine will be applied at less than one part per million. 

The chlorination is due to positive total coliform bacterial samples over the past week (there were NO fecal coliform positives). The number of positives samples is not a violation of drinking water standards.  Additional follow-up tests and evaluations are also being performed. 

Lodiís water is normally not chlorinated.  The chlorinated water may have a strange smell or taste for a few days, but Lodiís water will remain safe to drink.  The chlorination may make the water taste or smell slightly like bleach.

Anyone operating dialysis machines will have to dechlorinate the water before using it in the machines.

Do not use chlorinated water in fish tanks, aquariums or ponds unless you dechlorinate the water first!  Fish basically breathe the water and the chlorine can cause them to suffocate.  Most local pet shops with aquarium supplies sell dechlorinating agents.

Normally much of the chlorine will dissipate from water if it is set out overnight in a shallow pan.  Also, boiling the water for a few minutes will drive off much of the chlorine.

Some industries may also have to take precautions while the Cityís water is being chlorinated in case the chlorine in the water may interfere with their operation.

If there are any questions about the chlorination or regarding Lodiís drinking water, please contact Assistant Water/Wastewater Superintendent Frank Beeler at (209) 333-6740.