Monday, March 10, 2003 



            The Lodi Police dept. is investigating a shooting that occurred on 030803 in the 400 block of Eden St in the city of Lodi.  The suspect(s) walked along the alley way and fired a large number of .40 caliber rounds into four different residences.  The residences hit were 408 Eden, 408 ˝ Eden, 412 ˝ Eden and 612 ˝ S Central. The only injury sustained was to a 14 year old juvenile who was sleeping in his bedroom at 408 ˝ Eden St. The bullet went through the walls and hit the juvenile in the head.  The bullet did not have enough energy to break the juvenile’s skin but it did cause swelling.  The juvenile woke from the pain and found the slug on his pillow. We do not have any suspect information and the investigation is on-going.  Any questions contact the watch commander at (209) 333-6730.