May 16, 2003



The Lodi Police Departmentís SWAT Team would like to invite members of the media to an upcoming training day on May 21st, which promises to be a great photo opportunity, and one which will provide an insightful look into how law enforcement agencies choose to use SWAT Teams. 


The Lodi Police Department realizes that the publicís perception of SWAT is often based on an unfortunate tragedy that has unfolded in the news, or what is seen on a fictional television program.  Therefore, itís the Lodi Police Departmentís desire to enlighten the community by providing media access on this day.  


The training exercises will provide the media with a unique opportunity to film, as well as take still photographs, of SWAT Teams in action.  SWAT Teams from several agencies will be participating in the exercises, which will include various high risk scenarios often encountered in the course of their duties.  There will also be an opportunity to interview SWAT Team Leaders who can offer the community a better perspective and insight into how SWAT Teams are utilized. 


Sgt. Lance Hayden, who is a SWAT Team Leader from the Lodi Police Department, will be assisting as your contact person throughout the day.  Sgt. Hayden will be escorting the media around to the different training scenarios, and will be available for interviews and/or any questions you may have.


We request that the media meet at the Lodi Police Department, located at 230 W. Elm St., on May 21st  at 9:45 AM.  We would also like to limit the mediaís access to the hours of 1000 AM Ė 1200 PM.  Some access may be limited due to tactical information being jeopardized.


Again, this is a unique opportunity and hopefully weíll see you there.


For further information please contact Sgt. Hayden at (209) 329-1899 or contact PIO Gary Fauth at (209) 333-6727.