February 21, 2006

Stop Sign and Right-of Way Violations Enforcement


 Tomorrow, 02/22/06 starting at approximately 10:00 o’clock a.m., ten officers of the Lodi Police Department will be enforcing traffic laws, specifically stop sign and right-of-way violations. 


This effort comes as a result of recent traffic accident fatalities that have occurred in the City of Lodi due to these types of violations. 


Though tomorrow’s operation is scheduled to conclude at approximately 8:00 o’clock pm,  Lodi Police officers will continue to enforce traffic laws in order to ensure our streets are safer for the motoring public.  Similar “special enforcement days” will be scheduled in the near future.  This special enforcement day is part of the Lodi Police Department’s “Stop in the Name of Safety” program.


Contact:  LPD Officer Dale Eubanks cell number (209) 329-3496.