February 13, 2006

Stop Sign Special Enforcement Period



Details:  Lodi Police will engage in a special enforcement initiative targeting stop sign violators, beginning on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2006 and running for the two weeks through February 28th.  This enforcement effort, called “Operation Stop in the Name of Safety,” is intended to reduce the number of traffic collisions, injuries and deaths, that occur on our city streets because of stop-sign related violations.  As part of this initiative, all Lodi police officers will be paying special attention to such violations. .Also, certain officers will be specially assigned for limited periods to write high numbers of tickets for such dangerous driving behaviors as failure to come to a full stop or to yield the right-of-way.


“It is an unfortunate fact that stop sign violations occur in large numbers at intersections throughout our city,” said Lt. Bill Barry of the LPD Traffic Bureau.  “Stand near any busy street corner and watch how few drivers actually come to a full stop, short of the limit line, as required by law.”  Barry pointed out that the idea behind stop signs is to give the driver adequate time to properly assess conditions on the through highway prior to pulling out.  “This is why the few yield signs we have in town are gradually disappearing; they don’t work in an urban environment, often because of sight-distance and traffic volume.  Residents near yield sign-equipped signs often call and complain about collisions and near misses.  Cars simply enter the intersection too fast, and the drivers can’t react when they see something coming.”


Two of the double-fatality collisions that have occurred on city streets in recent years have occurred when drivers pulled out from a stop sign into the path of another vehicle, and a significant percentage of our total collision rate is stop sign related.  With almost 350 stop signs on Lodi streets, the potential for traffic conflicts is high.


PIO Contact: Lt. William Barry at 209-329-2966 or wbarry@pd.lodi.gov


 “Operation Stop in the Name of Safety” will be an annual initiative that will kick off each year on Valentine’s Day, the “reddest day of the year.”  Lodi Police ask that all motorists on our city streets slow down and take that extra second at each stop sign to comply with the law, be safe, and make it home to those who love you.

See story:  http://cbs13.com/local/local_story_045200023.html

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