October 3, 2003




(Lodi, CA) – Lodi Electric Utility is celebrating Public Power Week October 5-11, along with more than 2,000 other electric utilities whose communities provide their citizens electricity services on a not-for-profit basis.


“Public Power Week recognizes the economic, social and environmental contributions of Lodi Electric Utility.  At this time we honor the democratic tradition of community decision-making and participation that lead to our founding in 1910”, said Alan Vallow, Electric Utility Director.  “Public power’s distinct characteristics give Lodi Electric Utility a hometown advantage that protects our community.  Your electric utility is driven by public service, not profit.  We exist to serve you – our fellow citizens, and friends and neighbors.”


In celebration of Public Power Week, Lodi Electric Utility will be hosting nearly 200 elementary students at their eighth annual open house on October 8.  “Our annual open house has become a very popular event with our local teachers and the entire day is devoted to the students,” said Sondra Huff, Governmental Affairs Manager.


Public Power Week is celebrated in conjunction with the American Public Power Association in Washington, D.C., the service organization for community- and state-owned electric utilities.  For more information regarding this event, or National Public Power Week, please contact Stacy Christy at 333-6800 ext 2050.




Lodi Electric Utility

Sondra Huff, 209/333-6765

Stacy Christy, 209/333-6800 ext 2050