September 7, 2005

Prostitution Sting 




 The Lodi Police Department engaged in a prostitution sting that has netted thirteen (13) arrests and 9 vehicles were towed.  Female undercover officers had been working as decoys since about 10 AM, in two areas east of downtown Lodi known for street prostitution activity.  The undercover officers were approached by several “Johns,” who propositioned her to have sex in exchange for money.  Three of the “Johns” didn’t have cash so a VCR, spaghetti dinner, and marijuana were offered in lieu of money.  Those suspects were arrested for violation of section 647(b) of the California Penal Code, and their cars towed away.  In addition to the prostitution charge, five arrestees received citations per 12500(a) CVC – Driving without a driver’s license and one arrestee received a suspended license citation and he had a warrant.


Similar operations are expected in the future.  LPD PIO’s will notify you again when these events occur.


Contact:    Lt. William Barry - 209-329-2966