November 9, 2005

Update on Officer-Involved Shooting of Armed Parolee


Details:   Two Lodi Police Officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after being involved in the shooting of an armed parolee-at-large yesterday, a standard procedure in all such cases.  Detective Sierra Brucia, a nine year member of the Lodi Police Department, and Detective Mike Kermgard, who has eight years of service, were involved in the 11:51 AM shooting at the USA Gas Station at Elm and Cherokee. 


Det. Brucia and Det. Kermgard are both members of the department’s Special Investigations Unit, and were among six such detectives assigned to attempt to apprehend the parolee, Chad Joseph Morrow.  Morrow was wanted on a Stanislaus County parole violation warrant, and was also arrestable for two recent armed robberies there.  Information had been received that Morrow was staying at a house in the 300 block of East Elm Street, and the detectives were conducting a stakeout at that location.  Detectives also had information that Morrow had previously made threats that he would “not be taken alive” by police.


Morrow was spotted driving into the gas station, which is about a block from the stakeout location, and the detectives responded there and attempted to arrest him. Using their vehicles to block him in, detectives identified themselves and gave Morrow commands, which he did not follow.  After Morrow rammed his car into a detective vehicle, and pointed a handgun at detectives, Det. Brucia and Det. Kermgard fired their service pistols at Morrow, wounding him. Detectives began providing first aid to Morrow, and he was taken by paramedics to Lodi Memorial Hospital.  Charges against him are pending and will be lodged when his medical condition allows.


Members of the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Protocol Team responded to the scene and began an investigation, which is standard procedure in any officer involved shooting.  That investigation is ongoing, and all investigative details such as numbers of shots, orders given, etc., will be released upon the completion of that investigation.  The crime scene investigation at USA Gas was completed at about 6:30 PM. 


In a related incident, Lodi Police Officer Chris Kaufman received minor injuries in a traffic collision that occurred while he was responding to the officer-involved shooting.  Officer Kaufman was riding his police motorcycle east on Lodi Avenue with his emergency lights and siren activated, when a motorist pulled out of the Taco Bell parking lot into his path.  Ofc. Kaufman took evasive action and was able to keep his motor upright, despite a collision with the front corner of the car that injured his foot and heavily damaged the motor.  Lodi Police officials credit his training and experience, combined with the anti-lock brakes on his 2005 Harley Davidson, with avoiding a tragedy.

LPD Case #:  05-11747

Contact:  Officer Hettie Schaeffer PIO (916) 224-6740 or

                Cpl. Martinez PIO (209) 329-3492