April 4, 2005



Details:  The Lodi Police department is constantly looking for innovative ways of improving service. One way of doing that, is by offering on-line reporting for those with internet access.  Citizens needing a report for documentation only, can Log on to the Lodi Police web site at www.lodi.gov/police and click on to the on-line reporting link.  This service offers citizens an easy and quick way of reporting certain crimes or events.  Some of the incidents that can be reported using this service are vandalism, thefts, lost property, harassing phone calls, financial crimes and other crimes that do not involve any kind of violence or personal attack. Crimes that involve violence, sex crimes, traffic accidents or crimes where you know who the suspect is cannot be reported on-line.  A complete list of crimes and instructions is provided on the On-line reporting web site. 


                The on-line reporting page offers instructions that walk you through the easy to fill out page.  Once the page is completed and submitted, the information is reviewed by Lt. Noblett who then issues and E-mails the reporting party a case number.  With future updates the online reporting page will automatically issue a case number when one is needed. This service is offered in an effort to better serve the Lodi community.   For more information or a demonstration please contact Lt Noblett as listed above

Contact:  Lt. Noblett (209)333-6788 or at BNoblett@pd.lodi.gov