May 17, 2004

Lodi Library Amnesty Program

It’s time to dust off those shelves, clear out that bookcase and return those treasured overdue library materials to the Lodi Public Library.  Now’s your chance to do just that without a penalty. 

For the first time this century the Lodi Public Library has declared May 17- June 6, 2004 an amnesty period. Return your overdue items during the amnesty period and we’ll forgive your fines—no questions asked.   We will ask the name of the library card holder to insure that proper credit is given for returning the materials.

Each year the Lodi Public Library loses books. Some, of course, are legitimately lost and will never be recovered. A large number, however, are still in the possession of the original borrower and could be returned to the library’s shelves for borrowing by another library user.


“We’d rather spend our book budget on new titles, than use funds to replace items that are lost or never returned,” stated Nancy Martinez, Library Service Director.  “Sometimes the return of a long overdue item is like finding a treasure or a long lost literary friend.”


Now’s your chance to do just that without a penalty.  For three weeks between May 17 and June 6th the Lodi Public Library will hold an amnesty period.  Return your long overdue books and other items and no new fines will be assessed to your library card account.


The purpose of an amnesty period is to promote the return of needed library materials or promoted the increased use of the library.   Fines normally encourage the prompt return of materials, but sometimes according to Martinez “library users amass such huge fines that-instead of paying the fines-they simply forfeit their library privileges.  We want our books back, and even more we want our borrowers back.”

REMEMBER—To insure that your account receives proper credit, bring your items inside to the check-in counter.