Incident Date and Time: 10/20/04 8:00PM to 10/21/04 10:00PM

Details:  The Lodi Police Department is currently investigating a kidnapping that occurred in the 1500 block of South School St. (a residential neighborhood) in Lodi. Six individuals are currently in custody on charges that include kidnapping, conspiracy, robbery, torture and false imprisonment.


 At about 6:00PM on 10/20/04 the victim received a telephone call from one of the suspects requesting he meet him at the Economy Lodge located on South Cherokee lane to assist in laying some carpet.  Once arriving at the Lodge the victim was confronted by four male adults, one armed with a handgun.  The victim was taken forcibly into one of the motel rooms where he was threatened and beaten.  The suspects were reportedly looking for one of the victimís friends and believed he knew the whereabouts.


After the victim explained he did not know the whereabouts of the person they were looking for the suspects forced him into a Sport Utility type of vehicle and drove him to a residence in the 1500 block of South School Street which is the home of at least three of the suspects.  The victim was then taken into the garage and bound with electrical wire. A blanket was placed over his head.  The victim was threatened numerous times, struck on the head with the handgun and continually questioned as to the whereabouts of his friend.  The victim was held against his will for approximately 20 hours until he managed to escape through an open window and then contacted police.


Members of the Lodi Police Departmentís Investigations Bureau were called in to conduct the investigation.  The investigation ultimately led to the identification of six individuals who have all been charged with crimes relative to this case.  Members of the Lodi Police Department SWAT team executed a search warrant on a residence located in the 1500 block of South School and recovered evidence supporting the victimís claim.


The victim has been identified as Gustavo Martinez a resident of Lodi.  Martinez suffered minor injuries and did not seek medical attention.




Arrested were the following individuals:


Salvador Rodriguez Estrada                DOB: 03/18/72         Lodi Ca.

Javier Rodriguez Estrada                     DOB: 07/14/67         Lodi Ca.

Jessica Ramos                                      DOB: 01/11/80         Lodi Ca.

Luis Vargas Perez                                DOB: 08/14/77         Lodi Ca.

Benjamin Rodriguez                            DOB: 04/12/83         Galt Ca.

Jose Emilio Hernandez                        DOB: 12/18/61         Lockeford


All of the above individuals are being held in Lodi City jail.





Contact: Captain David Main at 209-333-6726 or