January 27, 2005 3:45 pm



Details:  Members of the Lodi Police Department Investigations Division and California Youth Authority (CYA) Agents received information regarding the whereabouts of Mario Angulo.  Suspect Angulo was being sought for his involvement in a homicide case that occurred in Lodi on October 24, 2000.


Lodi Police Detectives and CYA Agents received information that suspect Angulo was residing in the 3100 block of F Street, Stockton, California.  Surveillance of the area was conducted by LPD Detectives and CYA Agents and suspect Angulo was stopped while returning to the residence.  Suspect Angulo was taken into custody without incident. He was charged with homicide and booked in the Lodi Police Department Jail. 


On October 24, 2000 Lodi Police Officers responded to a shooting in the 500 block of S. Washington Street.  Officers located victim Johnny Moreno, who sustained a fatal gunshot wound to his chest.  A Ruben Santana was arrested the following day and charged for his role in the homicide.  Suspect Ruben Santana was sentenced to California State Prison.


Suspect Mario Angulo had eluded capture for approximately four and a half years by hiding in Mexico.


LPD Case #:  00-10729

Contact:  LPD Detective Dale Eubanks at (209) 329-3496 or 333-6879.