March 10, 2004 

 2nd Annual Get Green Weekend Event



Who:  City of Lodi Electric Utility


Where:  Temple Baptist Church, 801 S. Lower Sacramento Road, Lodi, CA

               (event will take place in the front parking lot area)


When:  Saturday, March 13, 2004;   7:00am until noon


Purpose:  The 2nd Annual Get Green Weekend Event is designed to showcase electric rechargeable lawn mowers and lawn/edge trimmers, as well as shade trees and low-flow showerheads.  The electric rechargeable lawn mower produces no dangerous air pollutants, and is roughly 50 percent less noisy than a traditional gas-fired lawn mower.  Shade trees, when planted in an appropriate location to a home, serve as an excellent energy conservation measure (for cooling a home in the summer months).  A low-flow showerheads utilizes, on average, 50 percent less water than a traditional showerhead.


At the event this year, eligible* customers will have the opportunity to purchase a 24-volt, electric rechargeable lawn mower and/or lawn/edge trimmer.  Fifty (50) of each will be available for purchase, and rebates will be provided towards both products ($200 instant rebate for the lawn mowers, and $50 instant rebate for lawn/edge trimmers).


In addition, the first two hundred (200) eligible* customers will receive a free shade tree or a low-flow showerhead. 



*Eligible customers- customers must present a current City of Lodi utility bill, and their driverís license in order to participate in the Get Green Weekend Event.



For more information, please contact Rob Lechner, Manager of Customer Service & Programs, for the City of Lodi Electric Utility, at (209) 333-6800, extension 2583, or cell phone at (209) 810-4651.