September 10, 2003

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Highway 12-Kettleman Lane Gap Closure/Widening Project

The upcoming Highway 12-Kettleman Gap Closure Widening  project has been in the works for some time now.  The City had originally secured federal funding through the state for this project.  Due to the state budget crisis it would have taken many years to obtain these funds for the project.  The City has now entered into a cooperative agreement with San Joaquin Council of Governments to fund this much needed project.  Thanks to the Measure K sales tax, we are able to continue with and complete this long awaited project.   

The project consists of improving Kettleman Lane (State Highway 12) from Tienda Drive to Ham Lane, and from Stockton Street to Cherokee Lane.  The improvements include constructing a raised landscaped median at both locations, widening the westbound direction of Kettleman Lane from Lakeshore Drive to Tienda Drive, modifying the Tienda Drive and Kettleman Lane traffic signal to accommodate westbound dual left turns, widening the Walmart driveway to accommodate the two proposed inbound lanes, installing street lights, modifying the Ham Lane/Kettleman Lane and Cherokee Lane/Kettleman Lane traffic signals to accommodate eastbound dual left turn lanes, and constructing a traffic signal interconnect system.  These improvements will provide a continuous four-lane roadway with a raised median from Lower Sacramento Road to Cherokee Lane (a separate project currently underway will construct a raised median from Hutchins Street to School Street).The groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Tuesday, September 16 at 11:30 a.m. in front of 2223 West Kettleman Lane.  Representatives from the City, Caltrans, and the Council of Governments will be on hand to speak at the ceremony followed by the traditional “groundbreaking”.  Many others will be in attendance to show their support for this project.  Any questions regarding the groundbreaking can be directed to Rebecca Areida, 333-6706.