Division of Arts and Culture plans to enhance access to local arts

Lodi, Calif -- (May 15, 2003) The City of Lodi’s Division of Arts & Culture is now inviting participation in their first edition of the Lodi Community Arts Directory.

The directory will: (1) provide a complete listing of the arts specialty classes offered through the City’s programs, (2) identify individuals and organizations who contribute to the arts community of Lodi; (3) provide access to artistically talented individuals, organizations and arts-related businesses, and; (4) enhance communications within the local arts community.

The directory will be distributed widely throughout various Lodi locations as well as on-line at The next publication date is set for September 2003. The first deadline for submission is July 1, 2003.

“Our goal is to improve access to all the arts within this community by providing one comprehensive source of information,” states Tea Silvestre, the City’s Arts Coordinator. “Lodi offers an incredible amount of talent and artistic culture to its residents and visitors – we feel this is a crucial step to ensuring that all individuals understand what their community has to offer and can then take advantage of those opportunities for participation in the arts.”

Artists, organizations or arts-related businesses who wish to be listed in the directory or who wish to place an ad in the directory should contact the City’s Division of Arts & Culture at 209-333-5511, or visit their website at

Those wishing to receive the directory via e-mail or US mail are also invited to call the Division’s office.