April 28, 2006

Lodi Electric Utility Announces ‘Electrical Safety Month’

 (Lodi)-  Did you know that approximately 4,000 people are injured in America each year because of electrical hazards, and that roughly 140,000 fires occur nationwide annually due to electricity (faulty wiring, unsafe appliances and so on)?  The statistics are alarming, but steps can be taken to reduce these staggering numbers.

 Your City of Lodi Electric Utility announces the month of May as ‘National Electrical Safety Month,’ and stands at the ready to help you, your family and your property remain safe.  According to Lodi’s Electric Utility Director George Morrow, being safe around electricity should be a priority for everyone, including the youngest in our community.  “We offer an excellent safety presentation, known as the Hazard Hamlet, designed for students in kindergarten through 4th grade,” Morrow said.  “This interactive and descriptive presentation shows youngsters how to be safe around electricity from a variety of scenarios.”  Morrow added that Lodi educators interested in receiving the free ‘Hazard Hamlet’ presentation, should contact the Electric Utility Department at 333-6815.

 In addition, Lodi Electric Utility provides free brochures (for adults), coloring and activity books for younger students, as well as booklets for older students (grades 6-12), outlining ways to be safe around electricity.  Citizens may call the utility at 333-6815 if they are interested in receiving more information (the aforementioned brochures) regarding electrical safety.  For additional information about your City of Lodi Electric Utility, and all of our programs, please visit us on the web at www.lodielectric.com

 Contact:  Rob Lechner   333-6800, ext. 2583

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