April 26, 2006

Suspended Driverís License Sting


The Lodi Police Department conducted a suspended driverís license sting today.  The event was designed to monitor drivers who leave the Lodi Traffic Court after being convicted for driving on a suspended license.  The Lodi Police Department has conducted similar operations in the past, which resulted in persons re-offending. The re-offenders typically leave the court house then operate a motor vehicle after being ordered by the court not to drive.


Lodi Police Officers monitored thirty-one individuals who were in the Lodi Traffic Court resolving their suspended driverís license citations.  Eleven drivers settled the matter with the court, six people walked away from the area, nine obtained alternate means of transportation, and five opted to drive after being convicted and admonished by the Judge.  The five who opted to drive were again cited for driving on a suspended license and their vehicles were impounded for thirty days.


The court fines first time offenders $968 and adds an extra $35 if the offender desires to make payments to the San Joaquin County Office of Revenue and Recovery.  Second time offenders are fined $1,450.00.  The offenderís vehicle is impounded for 30 days, which has an approximate cost of $1,000.00 dollars to the owner.  The Judge also imposes three years of informal probation.


Thank you,

 Dale Eubanks

Contact:  LPD Officer Dale Eubanks cell number (209) 329-3496.