July 12, 2004



Dear City Council


This is to inform you of my resignation effective December 3, 2004 with my last day of work being September 3, 2004. 


I have been privileged to work in Lodi with so many progressive, thoughtful and dedicated people.  I will take the time over the next few months to thank each and everyone for their support and friendship, particularly the staff, the Department Heads and the many kind and caring people who call Lodi their home.  You have so much in which to be proud.


I would also like to thank the City Council for the honor and privilege to have served as the City Manager, in particular, Steve Mann, Jack Sieglock, Phil Pennino, Dave Warner and Ray Davenport who hired me in 1995 as the City Manager.  I would also like to thank Tom Peterson for having hired me in 1991 as the Finance Director.  He made a decision in 1991 that changed my life and that of my family forever.  I would also like to thank Alan Nakanishi, Keith Land, John Beckman, Larry Hanson and Emily Howard for their hard work, genuine interest and dedication to the City of Lodi.  I wish each of you the very best in your futures whether on the City Council or not.


In the last 13 years I have seen several changes of which I am proud to have been a part.  These include the completion of several capital projects, particularly Hutchins Street Square, Downtown Revitalization, the Parking Structure, the Railroad Depot and the new Police Building; developing an award winning budget; promoting economic development; partnering with the Wine Grape Commission to form the Visitors and Conference Center; partnering with the downtown merchants to form the Downtown Lodi Business Partnership; assisting the many progressive people of Lodi to form a Redevelopment Agency; and, helping the Community Partnership to promote education and development for children and young families in Lodi and the surrounding communities.


I am also very proud of the Management Team which I built in the last nine years:  Jerry Adams, Police Chief; Mike Pretz, Fire Chief; Rad Bartlam, Community Development Director; Richard Prima, Public Works Director; Alan Vallow, Electric Utility Director; Tony Goehring, Parks and Recreation Director; Tea Silvestre, Community Center Director; Jim Kruger, Finance Director; and, Janet Keeter, Deputy City Manager.


I am also proud of the people with whom I have worked that have moved on to higher office: two Superior Court Judge’s, Dave Warner and Bob McNatt; a County Supervisor, Jack Sieglock; and a member of the State Assembly, Alan Nakanishi.


I would like to also give special recognition to a few individuals who not only helped me with advice and counsel these last thirteen years but who also gave untold time and effort to make Lodi a better place to live and work:  I plan to write each of them individually and to thank them in the coming months.   


As fourth in line of a family that made the Army a career and profession, having a place to call home has been a luxury.  As soldiers and children we moved often and frequently, living in many States of this Union and many foreign countries.  From the time my great grandfather, John Clendening, joined the 30th Iowa Infantry Regiment in Keokuk, Iowa in June 1862 to the time when I left the Army in December 1985, we served our country with pride.  It is with the same pride I now leave Lodi after 19 years in city government.   I look forward to new challenges and opportunities.  Accordingly, I thank you for having given me the opportunity to have a place I can now call home.


I would like to recommend that Janet Keeter be given strong consideration as my replacement.  There is no one who works harder and is more dedicated to the City than Janet.  I believe this community and the City Council would be pleasantly surprised to see what a great leader she is and will become in the future.  You set the precedent when you hired the Deputy City Attorney, Steve Schwabauer, as City Attorney.  If you choose not to make this selection, I hope she will move on to another community as City Manager when the opportunity arises.


I wish each of you God speed and look forward to seeing you in the future.


Dixon Flynn

City Manager