In celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the Federal Clean Water Actís passage on October 18, 1972, Clean-A-Curb Day will take place for the third consecutive year.



1. October 26, 2004 CLEAN-A-CURB DAY Ė For the third consecutive year, Heritage Elementary School students, on Tuesday October 26, 2004, from 8:00am-11:00 am,   will clean around the schoolís surrounding neighborhood sidewalks, curbs, and gutters located on Garfield Street, between Eden and Hilborn Streets. The entire student body of 640 students, grades K-3, will conduct this clean-up day with support from the City of Lodi Public Works, the Police Department Community Officer and the volunteer group, the Police Partners. CLEAN-A-CURB DAY is part of the City of Lodiís efforts to prevent pollution to the Mokelumne River.  Door hangers, colored by the students, will be distributed to residences in the neighborhood.  These door hangers feature a large Chinook salmon, native to the Mokelumne River, on one side, and storm water prevention tips, in Spanish and English, on the other side.  A CALFED grant has paid for the printing of this material.


The clean-up effort and the distribution of door-hangers is meant to alert neighbors that rainwater, when it runs off the curb and into the stormdrain, will eventually flow directly to the river, and not to a wastewater treatment plant, as does household and industrial sewage. This stormwater potentially carries with it many undesirable forms of pollution, which could negatively affect the life the river supports.


Since students will be working near open streets, extra safety precautions have been addressed for those who will drive through the area.  The Lodi Police Departmentís Community Service Officer and the Partners will assist in protecting the students from traffic in the area.



2.  Lodiís Storm Drain Detectives (SDD) - Will participate in the World Water Monitoring Day- Oct. 18 - The recent Oct. 8, 2004, monitoring data of Lodi Lake and  the Mokelumne River by the student Storm Drain Detectives will be added to the data base being collected by the world wide efforts to help local communities learn more about water quality issues.  Visit their web-siteís for more information:, or, see Storm Drain Detectives.




Should you have any questions about any of the above programs, please contact the City of Lodiís Public Works Department, Watershed Education Coordinator, Kathy Grant, at