City Planner Hired


  September 20, 2005


City Manager Blair King announced today that Peter Pirnejad has been selected as the new City Planner.  Mr. Pirnejad will begin on October 17, 2005.


Mr. Pirnejad  joins the City of Lodi team after serving as Community Development Director for the City of Selma.  He was a Senior Planner in the City of Westlake Village  as well as a Planning Assistant for the City of Vernon.  Mr. Pirnejad has a Masters of Urban Planning and Development Studies and a Certificate in Geographic Information Science from USC, and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography from U.C. Santa Barbara.


Mr. Pirnejad succeeds J.D. Hightower, who left Lodi in January of 2004.  The vacancy had been left unfilled as a cost-saving measure; however, the role of the City Planner is critical for land use issues and for the pending update of the General Plan.  The City Planner is the chief planner for the City.



Contact:           Blair King, City Manager

Phone:              209.333.6700