January 1, 2006   

Lodi Police Begin Wearing New Centennial Badges




Details:  As part of the 100th anniversary of the City of Lodi’s incorporation, uniformed Lodi Police personnel have begun wearing special commemorative badges.  The badges are of a distinctly different design from the “LAPD-style” ovals that have been worn in recent years by officers and support personnel, and will doubtless be noted by many members of the public.


The new badges will be worn or carried by most uniformed personnel with the Lodi Police Department.   (Volunteers such as the Partners will receive a lapel pin in the same design that can be worn with their uniform.)  Chief Jerry Adams has designated the badge as the official department symbol for 2006.  Personnel began wearing them at 12:01 this morning, and they will do so until the badges are retired on December 31, 2006 at midnight.  At that time, the standard oval badges will be placed back in service.  


The commemorative badge is a seven-point star, high gloss silver in color, with midnight blue inscriptions of “Lodi Police,” along with the officer’s badge number and rank.  Across the top part of the badge is a blue banner that says “1906- Centennial- 2006.”  This style of badge is typical of a number of Northern California police departments, including Sacramento, Fresno, Oakland, and San Francisco, along with many smaller agencies.   It’s design is inspired by similar badges worn by Lodi Police officers in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Samples of these and other LPD badge designs that have evolved through the years are on display at Lodi’s police headquarters.


Sierra Brucia, president of the Police Officer’s Association of Lodi, was largely responsible for taking the idea of an LPD commemorative badge and making it a reality.  Sierra did an excellent job of developing consensus on the design, and working with the manufacturer to equip over 100 department members with the new badges. The badges were purchased entirely by donations from employee associations and by individual department members, and will be retained by each employee as a keepsake after they are decommissioned.


The City of Lodi’s first peace officer was City Marshall H.B. Coleman, sworn in 1906 to protect and serve the citizens of our community.  One hundred years later, members of the Lodi Police Department continue to be faithful to that public trust, which is symbolized by the badge of office.  We are both privileged and proud to wear it. 


PIO Contact: Lt. William Barry at 209-329-2966 or wbarry@pd.lodi.gov