March 17, 2006

Celebration on Central Looks to Broaden Cultural Appeal


Celebration on Central is an annual multi-cultural event in Lodi that was established as a tool to familiarize the Cityís east side residents with an array of  social, medical, and other services available to help them overcome poverty. The original event, held in 2000, was sponsored by the Community Partnership for Families and the City of Lodi.  Today, private businesses, non-profit and public agencies, service groups, and a bevy of volunteers continue the tradition.  While attending the event, families are treated to free entertainment, food, and quality childrenís activities.

The 2006 event is scheduled for Sunday, May 21st from noon to 3:00 p.m. on Central Avenue at Pine Street, near Joe Serna Jr. Charter School. During the City of Lodiís 100th year anniversary, we would like to broaden the specter of cultures represented and invite those interested in offering food, entertainment, or information related to the various cultures that make up Lodiís heritage.  Please contact either the Community Partnership for Families at 339-1183 or Janet Hamilton at the City of Lodi at 333-6700,, if you would like to participate.