January 7, 2005



          Lodi Police Department Detectives arrested Aaron Davies, a 22 year old Lodi resident, late Wednesday night. Davies has been charged with four counts of residential burglary. Detectives believe Davies is the primary individual who was responsible for the cat burglaries that occurred in Lodi recently.


Based on information developed by patrol officers, members of the Special Investigations Unit served a search warrant at Daviesí residence Wednesday night. Davies was subsequently arrested at the apartment. Evidence linking him to the burglaries was located at the residence.


There were a total of ten residential burglaries of this nature the past few weeks. All of these burglaries occurred within walking distance of Daviesí home.


The investigation is ongoing. Detectives are following up on other leads to rule out any other possible suspects and to recover property taken during the burglaries.


LPD Case #:  Multiple

Contact:  Sgt. Piombo  cell #(209) 329-5034 / (209) 333-6880 cpiombo@pd.lodi.gov

                Det. Eubanks         (209) 329-3496 / (209) 333-6879 deubanks@pd.lodi.gov