January 30, 2004

Lodi Police Officer Rescues Victim of Boating Accident


A Lodi Police Officer is being credited with saving the life of an 11-year-old boy, who almost drowned in a local lake after a boat he was in sank.  The officer, Stephen Maynard, was on patrol on Thursday, January 29, 2004, at about 2:57 PM, when he was dispatched to a possible drowning person at Mallard Lake, near the intersection of Kettleman and Lakeshore.   When Ofc. Maynard and his backup, Ofc. Eric Shaw arrived on scene, they found Cody Scanlon sitting waist deep in the water some 45 to 50 yards from shore.  The officers were not able to initially see that he was sitting in a fully submerged canoe, but the boy was shaking and in obvious distress.  No other emergency services were yet on scene.  Upon being told by witnesses that the boy could not swim, Ofc. Maynard stripped down to his uniform pants and walked out into the water.  At about 10 feet out, he felt the bottom drop away, so he began to swim.   He reached the boy then swam back to shore with him.  Paramedics had arrived and began to treat the youth for exposure. 


At that point, a second youngster came up to officials and said that he had been with Scanlon.  It was learned that the two boys had come to the lake to fish, and had entered the private lake through a hole in the fence.  The second boy, 11-year-old Anthony Calville of Lodi, had spotted a beached canoe and suggested that they take it out on the lake.  After the boys had paddled some distance out, the canoe began to sink.  Calville had swum to shore, but Scanlon did not know how to swim and remained in the boat.  A number of businesses front on the lake, among them the Image 2000 hair salon.  Employees there saw Calville swimming from the sinking boat and called 911.


Both boys were taken to an area hospital were they were treated and released to parents.  Officer Maynard was uninjured, and has completed his tour of duty and gone home.  It appears almost a certainty that he prevented a tragedy, and he is commended by all of us at Lodi PD for performing in the best traditions of law enforcement.


For further information contact Sgt. William Barry at 209-329-2966 or wbarry@pd.lodi.gov .