May 19, 2003

$20-$40 off a spay or neuter for the city of Lodi residents’ pets. Lodi Animal Services is kicking off it’s fifth annual spay/neuter voucher program to promote healthy pets and decrease homeless pets for the shelter.  There is an additional $20 off when residents also use the Maddie’s Fund vouchers available through Animal Friends Connection, Humane Society.

May 18  through June 20 is when the FIX is in.


NOW is the time to call local participating veterinarians and make your appointment to be a part of the BIG FIX. There is a limited number of fixes to go around this time, so call now!

 Last year, more than 200 Lodi residents took advantage of this great deal and got healthier and happier companions. No more fending off the neighborhood males from Princess and no more “looking for love in all the wrong places” for Prince.

Contact the Lodi Animal Services at 333-6741 for more info


Join the happy pet owners of Lodi and get in on the “BIG Fix”!


Participating Veterinarians:

Harris Veterinary Hospital  368-8256

Lodi Veterinary Hospital - 368-5166

Cherokee Veterinary Hospital 368-5382

Mokelumne Veterinary Hospital 368-5922

Oakwood Veterinary Hospital 333-7010

Lockeford Veterinary Group 333-1331

San Joaquin Veterinary 369-0231