April 13, 2006

Robbery at Bank of the West, Lodi


Today at approximately 10:21 a.m., two masked African-American male adults wearing black gloves and clothing entered the Bank of the West (229 S. Church Street) and demanded cash from bank employees.  One of the suspects placed a bag on the counter and said he had a gun.  The suspects threatened to kill bank employees unless they complied.  The suspects went through cash drawers stealing an undetermined amount of cash.


The two black male suspects left the bank and got into a red Toyota Camry that was parked in front of the bank with a third suspect sitting in the driver’s seat.  As the vehicle left the bank, Lodi Police Department Sgt. Patterson saw the vehicle and attempted to overtake the vehicle. All three suspects abandoned the vehicle in the 200 block of S. Pleasant Ave. and fled on foot in different directions.


A parolee matching the description of one of the suspects was seen fleeing from the location of the abandoned car running back towards the Bank of the West shedding his clothes.  The parolee, Robert McClary of Pittsburg, CA, was detained by Lodi Police Officers and ultimately arrested for parole violation.  One of the other suspects may have boarded a transit bus that went to Stockton.  Stockton Police officers and FBI agents intercepted the bus and contacted the driver.  A person matching the suspect description may have left the bus near the Sherwood Mall located on Pacific Ave., Stockton.


FBI Agents and Lodi Police detectives are currently interviewing parolee Robert McClary as to his “possible” involvement regarding the Bank of the West robbery.  Updates will follow.


Contact:  LPD Officer Dale Eubanks cell number (209) 329-3496.