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Nov. 15, 2007
Contact: Kathy Grant, Watershed Education Coordinator, (209) 339-8722

Lodi High students, city teaming up for Clean-A-Curb Day Nov. 17

For the second consecutive year, Lodi High School’s Environmental Club’s students will clean around the school campus and the surrounding neighborhood as part of Clean-A-Curb Day.

From 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Nov. 17, students will pick up trash from sidewalks, curbs and gutters on Pacific Avenue and Lodi Avenue. Trash will then be sorted, counted and documented. All Lodi High students and their families are invited to conduct this clean-up day with support from the City of Lodi Public Works Department.

Clean-A-Curb Day is part of the City of Lodi’s efforts to prevent pollution to the Mokelumne River. Community service certificates are available upon request.

This year’s clean-up is also in recognition of the 35 th anniversary of the passage of the Clean Water Act. A message the Lodi High Environmental Club students are sending to the public is “what runs off the curb and into the storm drain flows directly to the river and is not treated!”

Since students will be working near open streets, extra safety precautions will be addressed for those driving through the area.

The City of Lodi also has the Lodi Storm Drain Detectives (SDD), now in their eighth year, as a program to monitor water quality in the Mokelumne River. Student volunteers monitor the water quality in the Mokelumne River and Lodi Lake, twice monthly, at five sites. The first site is above the City of Lodi’s storm drain system, east of Lodi. Three sites are mid-system, north of residential neighborhoods, and the fifth site is located below Woodbridge Dam, which is below the storm drain system. The students are studying stormwater’s impact on the water quality of the river.

Data is available on-line at: http://www.lodi.gov/Storm_Drain_Detectives/index.html. A student presentation for the public in May 2008 will highlight this school year’s data findings. Date and time to be announced. Should you have any questions about any of the above programs, please contact the City of Lodi’s Public Works Department, Watershed Education Coordinator, Kathy Grant, at 209-339-8722.

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