Press Release    


From:  Kathy Grant, Docent Coordinator, Parks Department, City of Lodi

Date:   September 6, 2006

Re:      20th season for the Lodi Lake Nature Area’s volunteer naturalists-

             New Docent Training Kick-Off

             Storytelling Workshop with Dana Nichols,

             Stockton Record Mother Lode reporter

Everyone loves a good story.  But telling a good story is no child play.  As a kick off for the new 2006-2007 Lodi Lake Nature Area Docent season, the docents are offering a Storytelling Workshop with Dana Nichols on September 11, 2006, Monday night, 7:15-8:45 PM, at the Lodi Public Library, Bud Sullivan Room.  Participants will able to learn practical techniques for the craft of storytelling, be it on the trail or at a fireside.

The Lodi Lake Nature Area Docents are also currently recruiting new docents for their program.   Applications will be available at the September 11 meeting.   A volunteer naturalist docent leads tours for school groups wishing to study the plants and animals of the nature area.  No experience is necessary, though docents must be able to attend the Lodi Lake Nature Area Docent meetings on the second Monday of every month, 7:00-8:45 PM at the Lodi Public Library.  It is at these meetings that the necessary training is given.  Docents must also be willing to commit to leading at least two tours each month, September though June.  Volunteers may also work in the Discovery Center, which houses a natural history collection of artifacts from the area.   

Monthly meeting programs provide docent training and in the future will include guest speakers who are knowledgeable of the plants, animals, Native American and natural history of the Mokelumne River as well as the Mokelumne River watershed. 

The Lodi Lake Nature Area docents annually lead over 1,000 children through the nature area at Lodi Lake, along the Mokelumne River, sharing with the children their love of the natural world.  Anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of the Lodi outdoor world is also welcome to attend meetings.

For more information on joining the program or for booking a tour, contact Kathy Grant at 339-9722.

CC:          Blair King, City Manager
Jennifer M. Perrin,
Interim City Clerk
Tony Goehring, Parks and Recreation Director
Steve Dutra, Parks Superintendent

                Richard C. Prima, Public Works Director

                Frank Beeler, Acting Superintendent, Water/Wastewater
Lodi Lake Nature Area Docent Council: President Virginia Moore; Secretary Mary Fuhs