Release Date and Time: 062906 1922 HRS

Subject: Attempted Murder Suspect In Custody

LPD Case #:  06-6631

Contact:  Public Information Officer Hettie Schaeffer or Detective Nick Welton


Details:  On 062906 at approx. 1300 HRS, suspect Pharaoh Brooks a 26 year old Stockton resident was apprehended today in St. Louis by Detectives of the St. Louis, Missouri Police Department.  Brooks fled the state after being involved in an attempted homicide in Lodi, where he bludgeoned victim Mychal Lewis with a baseball bat.  Lewis is in critical condition at this time at an area hospital.


Detectives from the Lodi Police Department were working closely with Chicago Police Officials which ultimately led to the arrest of Brooks on a Greyhound bus.  Lodi Police Detectives received information that Brooks (originally from Chicago) had to fled to Chicago and was leaving the area on a Greyhound bus heading for another location.   Brooks will be extradited to California to face charges of attempted murder and burglary.


For further information contact Officer Hettie Schaeffer 209-333-6727 or Detective Nick Welton 209-333-6879 of the Lodi Police Department.