July 12, 2005

Gary Benincasa Promoted to Police Captain


The Lodi Police Department is proud to announce the Promotion of Gary Benincasa to the position of Police Captain.  Capt. Benincasa began his career with the Lodi Police Department in 1983 as a Patrol Officer.  He was promoted to the position of Sergeant in 1989 and became a Lieutenant in 2000.


Captain Benincasa has taken over the duties of the Support Services Division Commander and oversees the operation of the Investigations Division, Communications, Records, and the Information Systems Division.


Captain Benincasa served on Lodi PD’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) for many years and was the SWAT Commander.  Gary has a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the University of San Francisco in Organizational Behavior. He is very involved in church activities with his Wife Lori and family.


(Quote Chief Adams):


“Captain Gary Benincasa is a dedicated and respected member of this department who brings a wealth of experience and leadership abilities.  We are truly fortunate at Lodi PD to have some many professional and talented people who are ready to step-in when a promotional opportunity occurs.  Gary will hit the ground running and fill retiring Captain Larry Manetti’s vacancy well.”


Contact:  Jeanie Biskup (209)333-6864 or jbiskup@pd.lodi.gov