September 13, 2004





---Nine Additional Dead Birds Test Positive---


STOCKTON, CA The San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control District has received notification from the California Department of Health Services that two groups of mosquitoes and nine dead birds collected for analysis tested positive for West Nile Virus.  Two of the dead birds were collected from the Ripon-area, which is the first detection of the virus in that area this year.  The following zip code locations are where the West Nile virus-positive mosquito specimens were found: Manteca, 95337; and rural Farmington/Escalon, 95325.  The West Nile virus-positive dead birds were found in: Lodi, 95242; Manteca, 95336 & 95337; Stockton, 95207, 95205, & 95215; and Ripon, 95366.  This brings the total number of dead birds that have tested positive for West Nile Virus in the county to 25.  The positive mosquitoes are the first groups found in San Joaquin County.


Groups of mosquitoes are collected on a weekly basis throughout the county using various types of collection traps. These traps are one among several tools that the District uses to perform disease surveillance in San Joaquin County. The District will increase inspection and treatment of local mosquito breeding sites, using public health pesticides, mosquito-eating fish, and legal enforcement where necessary.  The public is asked to help by eliminating standing water on their property.


Individuals can reduce their risk of mosquito-borne diseases by taking these precautions:


  For information about WNV, visit the Web sites: www.sjgov/oes, or  For additional contact numbers and local recorded information call 209-469-8200.





                                                                                                Contact: John Stroh, District Manager                                                        

                                                                         (209) 982-4675


                                                                        Aaron Devencenzi, District Information Officer

                                                                        (209) 368-5132


                                                                        Connie Cassinetto, SJC Information Officer

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