December 14, 2004 

Stolen vehicle with 3 year old child inside



On December 13th at approximately  8:30 p.m., an officer from the Lodi Police Department responded to the 400 block of east Oak on a report of a stolen vehicle with a three year old child inside.  The reporting party placed the child in the running vehicle and then went into her residence, “for a second”. The reporting party asked a family member to go outside to watch the child while she was in the residence.  The family member walked out and saw the vehicle being driven away by an unknown male.  She also saw that the child was still in the vehicle. 


            Members of the family searched the area but were unable to find the vehicle.  When they returned home they saw that the vehicle thief had returned the vehicle and the child.  This investigation is on-going as the suspect is still outstanding. 


            This incident stresses the importance of not leaving your vehicle running, unattended and especially with children inside, not even for a “second”.  Fortunately today’s incident ended with the child being returned safely and quickly. But this could have easily turned into a kidnapping case with tragic results. 


            Section 22515(a) of the vehicle code prohibits leaving a vehicle running and unattended on the street.  Section 15620 (a) (2) of the vehicle code prohibits leaving a child six years or younger unattended in a running vehicle. 


            These sections are punishable by fines that would not compare to the agony of loosing a child.  


Contact:  Cpl. Fernando Martinez at (209) 333-6728 or