February 6, 2006

First of 100 Cork Oak Trees to be Planted by City


On Tuesday, February 7 at approximately 8:00 a.m. the first of 100 Cork Oak trees will be planted in front of Lodi’s Carnegie Forum at 305 West Pine Street.  This project named “Growing the Next 100 Years” is part of the City’s Centennial celebration.  The City of Lodi was incorporated on December 6, 1906 and is planning activities throughout 2006 to commemorate this important milestone in the City’s history.


The Cork Oak was chosen due to its association with the wine industry for which Lodi is well known.  Cork has many uses, most notably of which is as a stopper or "cork" on bottles of wine.  Cork comes from the bark of Cork Oak trees and is harvested in sheets (about every 10 years) from the tree when the bark is thick enough, which generally occurs at 25 years. The Cork Oak is native to the Mediterranean region, where most of the world's commercial supply of cork is obtained, though the tree has been introduced into warmer regions of the United States. Cork Oaks have a long life span and those planted in 2006 should still be thriving when Lodi celebrates its bicentennial in 2106.


For the past six months the City Clerk’s Office has been collecting donations from the public for the trees and now report that all 100 trees have been sold.  The majority of the trees will be planted at various locations throughout Lodi on Saturday, April 1 as part of the City’s Arbor Day celebration.  The 100th tree will be planted on December 6, the City’s 100th anniversary.  Volunteers to help plant the trees have been secured by Steve Dutra, Parks Superintendent, and include Lodi and Tokay High Schools Future Farmers of America members, General Mills, Lions and Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts, and Tree Lodi among others.


The public is invited to witness the tree planting at which all City Council Members will be participating.  The tree planting will occur immediately following the City Council’s Shirtsleeve Session on February 7, which begins at 7:00 a.m. and generally lasts 60 to 90 minutes.


For more information regarding the tree planting project contact Parks Superintendent Steve Dutra at 333-6742 or City Clerk Susan Blackston at 333-6702.