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(209) 333-6806


Sept 2, 2009
Contact: Jeff Hood, communications specialist, (209) 333-6801

New GrapeLine routes, schedules now available online

Routes and schedules for Lodi's GrapeLine bus service will change slightly on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Maps and schedules of the changes are available at Here is a summary of changes:


  • Route 1: Updated timetables.
  • Route 2: No sigificant changes.
  • Route 3: Streamlined through Downtown and extended to Kettleman Lane and Lower Sacramento Road, eliminating one-way service on Walnut and Oak streets and creating a faster trip along Lockeford Street. There is no longer a one-way loop on Century Boulevard and Wimbledon Drive; instead the route runs along the western portion of Century Boulevard and Mills Avenue to access the Kettleman Lane shopping centers. Route 4 covers the eliminated portion of the route.
  • Route 4: Updated to reduce route redundancy and one-way service. Stockton Street is used to access Lodi Avenue, providing direct service to Smart & Final. Hutchins Street is used to access Century Boulevard, rather than Church Street. The new alignment serves high density apartments directly and avoids narrow streets. From Century Blvd, the alignment directly services schools on Scarborough Drive, along with apartments on Wimbledon Drive. The route continues on Ham Lane and Kettleman Lane to the Kettleman Lane shopping centers.
  • Route 5: Service has been discontinued past Highway 99 because of few boardings. The route is now streamlined through the northeastern neighborhood and follows Cherokee Lane to Almond Lane, Kettleman Lane, and Stockton Street. The updated route will be faster and more streamlined along Cherokee Lane.


  • Route A (which has combined elements of weekday routes 1 and 5) has been eliminated because its large one-way counter-clockwise loop made travel much too long.
  • Weekday Route 1 has been reinstated for weekend service and is called Route 30.
  • Weekday Route 5 has been reinstated for weekend service and is called Route 31.
  • Segments of weekend Routes B, C, and D (weekday routes 2, 3, and 4) have been eliminated, instead combining elements of each to create Routes 32 and 33. These routes run in opposite directions, but along the same route. The route operates along Lockeford Street, Ham Lane, Kettleman Lane, Mills Avenue, Wimbledon Drive, Hutchins Street, and Central Avenue. Route 32 runs in a clockwise direction, while Route 33 runs counter-clockwise.
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