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Performing Arts

  • Ballet Program
    • Pre-School Ballet – (Ages 3.5-5 years old) Emphasis on the development of body coordination perception and expression through dance.
    • Beginning Ballet – (Ages 5-7 years old) This class is will focus on ballet foot and arm positioning, body alignment, basic vocabulary, spatial awareness, timing, strengthening and flexibility of feed, ankles and legs.
    • Ballet 1 – (Ages 7-12 years old) This is a class for dancers continuing from Beginning Ballet and older students new to ballet. 
    • Ballet 2 – (Ages 7-14) This class is for students who have had 1 year of barre work or with teacher approval.  All skills learned will be improved and perfected with more advanced ballet steps.
    • Ballet 3 – (Ages 8-14) This is an intermediate class for students who wish to advance more rapidly in their skills.
    • Ballet 4/5 Pre-Pointe/Pointe – (Ages 11+) Requires 2 years of ballet and concurrent enrollment in 2 other ballet classes.  This is the most advanced ballet class offered. 
    • Adult Ballet – for adults who have never had ballet classes or for those who would like to begin again after an absence of years.
    • Private ballet lessons available by appointment
  • Ballroom Dance – (Ages 12+) Each month will focus on a different ballroom dance step.  Check the activity guide for listings.
  • Belly Dance, beginner-advanced – (Ages 12+) Fusion style belly dance, blending traditional standard movements with new tribal styles.  You will learn basic to intermediate movements, choreography, combinations and shimmies, costume hints, and much more about today’s belly dance world.
  • Tap Dance
    • Tiny Tot Tap – (Ages 3-4) Students will learn rhythm and elementary tap steps along with routines. 
    • Beginning Tap – (Ages 16+)
    • Intermediate Performance Tap - (Ages 16+)
    • Tap for the Active Adult - (Ages 50+) Low impact

Culinary Arts

  • Each month our chef will feature seasonal dish creations.  Check the activity guide for upcoming classes. 


  • Variety of instrument lessons offered each month including Guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and piano.  Check the activity guide for information on specific lesson dates/times.
  • Lodi Children’s Choir
    • The goal of this class is to give each child who likes to sing an opportunity to perform in a choral setting with others who share the same passion. 
    • Grades 2-6
  • Kids in Tune
    • This is a parent/tot class to explore music through song, dance, and percussion instruments. 

Workshops- These classes may last only a few session or a few hours.

  • Workshops are held throughout the year with different themes.  Many summer workshops are offered for children during school break.  Check the activity guide for upcoming workshops.
  • Baby Sitting Basics – (Ages 11-15 years) Designed to include a lot of interactive hands-on activities ranging from basic first aid to age appropriate toys.
  • Finding Your Joy – (For Adults) learn the skills to heal emotional damage and how to raise one’s self-esteem.    


  • Drawing
    • Pre-School Drawing – (Ages 3.5-5 years) a nurturing and strong learning environment that expands preschoolers’ image vocabulary as they draw familiar images.
    • Elementary Drawing – (Ages 6-12 years) Designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques, and vocabulary to students.
  • Painting 
    • Creative Painting – (Ages 10+ years) Unstructured creative painting in all mediums. Beginner through advanced students are welcome.
    • Watercolor Painting – Intermediate – (Ages 16+ years) Instructor designed class to take training to the next level. Students learn different and new techniques by the demonstrations provided.
  • Writing
    • Creative Writing – (Ages 16+ years) – Explore the components that go into writing effective memoirs, poetry, short stories, essays, and even a novel.
    • Advanced Creative Writing – Designed for the next level of prose. Instructor will teach techniques on poetry, short stories, essays, and even a novel.

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