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Volunteer Programs

In addition to its Partners program, the Lodi Police Department has volunteer positions of Cadet and Chaplain.


The Lodi Police Department has established a volunteer police cadet program.  This program provides youths, ages 16 to 24 years old, with the opportunity to explore the field of law enforcement.  The program has goals of encouraging and mentoring youth toward a career as a police officer, communications dispatcher, or other careers within the police department infrastructure.

In keeping with our commitment to examine new ideas and programs that benefit the community, we are encouraged by this program and the future success in directing youth toward a career in law enforcement.

Persons who desires to serve the community, and who seeks to explore the law enforcement profession as a career choice, are eligible to apply, as long as they are of good moral character and do not have a criminal history.

What does the application process involve?

  • All prospective cadets must complete a standard application for admission.  All parts of his or her application must be completed before being considered for acceptance.
  • All prospective cadets must successfully pass an oral interview and written exercise administered by the Advisory Board.
  • All prospective Cadets must pass a background investigation.
  • The Advisory Board of the police department will recommend cadets for appointment.  Each cadet must be willing to comply with the objectives and purposes of the Police Cadet Program.  Each cadet, enrolled in any educational institution, must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Those who have completed a college degree are not required to attend an educational institution.  Those applicants not currently enrolled are still eligible if they are scheduled to attend an educational institution upon the start of the next school quarter or semester.  Continuing education is a requirement of the Police Cadet Program.
  • Members of the Advisory Board will review each cadet’s application and background package to determine suitability for the cadet program.  Once a determination has been made the applicant will be notified of the outcome.

Termination of Membership

Membership in the Police Cadet Program may be terminated by expulsion as directed by the Advisory board, or by formal resignation.


The Lodi Police Department accepts Cadet applications on a continuous basis.  If you wish to apply please print out all the below listed forms and complete in blue or black ink.  Applications can be turned in at the LPD lobby during normal business hours.

Police Cadet Application (Microsoft Word Document, 238KB)
Media Release Form (Microsoft Word Document, 217KB)
Ride Along Waiver (Microsoft Word Document, 225KB)
Information Release Form (Microsoft Word Document, 217KB)

If you are interested in the program and would like further information, or to submit and application please contact:

Sgt. Canestrino
Email: scanestrino@pd.lodi.gov
Phone: (209) 333-2512


Chaplains represent a wide variety of religious traditions and levels of professional preparation and endorsement.  But when the chaplain is working in the police world, each is "chaplain" for everyone, not the religious leader of a particular tradition serving a particular congregation or service agency.

Chaplains serve many personal and spiritual needs of individuals where they are, when they need the support of another person who comes to them without judgment, with openness, and cares for them until the crisis moment is over.

Chaplains respect the persons they serve, even though there may be profound differences in race, gender, economic status, religious experience and many other factors.

Chaplains come at any hour, in all kinds of weather.  Mostly, they listen.  But they also comfort people who are shaking with fear with a gentle touch... or perhaps, if someone asks, a prayer will be offered in guarded privacy to support the trembling of spirit that comes in difficult moments.

Chaplains spend many hours riding as active passengers with officers on patrol duty.

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