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Lodi PD is pleased to announce a new crime mapping tool. CrimeReports.com publishes real-time crime data from police information systems. Residents can access and browse information about their neighborhoods from any computer or mobile device.

Go to www.Crimereports.com for real-time Crime Statistics now!

Department figures

The Lodi Police Department has 125 full-time employees, including 71 sworn officers, 47 non-sworn personnel and four part-time officers. Additionally, the department has 108 volunteers in the form of 85 Partners, 15 cadets, and eight chaplains.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation tracks "Part 1 crimes," which includes the crimes of murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault, robbery, arson, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. For a map of Lodi Area crimes, please reference the Crime Reports map.

Lodi's Part 1 crime statistics from 1990 through 2007 are available through this link:

Other crime statistics:


2013 % change


4,176 3,708 -11.2

Police Reports


Calls for Service

49,192 49,635 -2.7

Drunk Driving Arrests

334 282 -15.5

Drunk Driving Collisions

75 60 -20
Vehicle Collisions 757 685 -9.5

Traffic Citations Issued

4,317 5,549



Part 1 Crimes

Homicide 2 1 -50
Rape 12 11 +.9
Robbery 92 107 +16.30
Aggravated Assault 179 186 +3.9
Burglary 754 635 -15.7
Larceny 1,532 1,299 -15.2
Vehicle Theft 337 364 +8.0
Total Part 1 Crimes 2,908 2,603 -11.7

Patrol District statistics

Crime statistics from Lodi's patrol districts are available below. Click on the district for crime statistics specific to that district. The data is in a Microsoft Excel file, requiring Excel or an Excel reader.

patrol districts Sunset District statistics Heritage District statistics

Sunset District
The Sunset District's geographical borders are generally east to Hutchins Street, north to city limits, west to the city limits, and south to city limits.

Heritage District
The Heritage District's geographical borders are generally west to Hutchins Street, north to the city limits, east to the city limits and south to city limits but excluding the area of the Central District.

Central District
The Central District's geographical borders are generally west to Hutchins Street, north to Elm Street, south to Vine Street and East to Cherokee lane.


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