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May 5, 2014

Update to Jan. 25, 2014 officer-involved shooting

This news release provides further information regarding an officer-involved shooting on January 25, 2014, that resulted in the death of Parminder Singh Shergill. 

Also being released to the public is the audio recording and transcript of the original 911 call to the Lodi Police Department, a recording and transcript of radio communications from the officers involved, photographs of the weapon Shergill used in the incident, and dispatch logs.  These are accessible electronically at http://www.lodi.gov/police/.

Lodi Police Chief Mark Helms will be available for media interviews on Monday, May 5, 2014, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.  Members of the news media may contact Patsy Methvin at (209) 333-6725 to schedule an interview appointment.

San Joaquin Officer-Involved Critical Incident Protocol

The officer-involved shooting of Parminder Singh Shergill is being conducted in accordance with the Officer-Involved Critical Incident Protocol, a formal agreement among the law enforcement agencies of San Joaquin County.  Adopted in 1994, the Protocol serves as a model or guideline for the investigation of officer-involved critical incidents.  Its goal is to help ensure these cases are investigated thoroughly and fairly.  The process has served the people of San Joaquin County well for nearly 20 years.

“This event is still under investigation and will be submitted to the District Attorney when it is complete,” said Police Chief Mark Helms.  “But we felt it was important to release as many facts as we could to the public today to answer some of the valid questions that have been raised.”

Investigation Summary

Additional resources

Press release (pdf)

Dispatch log of Jan. 25 incident

Premise history

Photos of knife carried by Parminder Shergill

Knife image 1

Knife image 2

Audio recordings

911 call from Shergill residence

.wav file

mp3 file

Officer-Dispatch radio traffic

.wav file

mp3 file



911 call (pdf)

Officer-Dispatch radio traffic (pdf)

Chief Helms said the District Attorney will make the ultimate determination whether any laws were violated.  But, he added, the police department is at a point in the investigation where it can disclose the following facts:
On January 25, 2014, at approximately 9:06 a.m., the Lodi Police Department received a 911 call from a family member of Parminder Singh Shergill requesting police respond to 23 Elderica Way for a “paranoid schizophrenic” male who was “going crazy.”  The caller said the male was “attacking” the caller’s mother-in-law inside the house.  The 911 operator asked if the subject was off his medication, and the caller said “yes he is.”

Officers responded to the home and advised LPD Dispatch by radio that the male subject, later identified as Shergill, had left the Elderica residence prior to their arrival. 

The investigation includes corroborated evidence that family members told the responding officers Shergill was schizophrenic, not taking his prescribed medications, and had assaulted his mother.

The officers located Shergill nearby in the area of Peterson Park.  Shergill was on foot and walking toward his home when an officer tried to verbally detain him to investigate the reported assault and to check his welfare.  One of the involved officers notified Dispatch by radio that Shergill was refusing to follow commands and was armed with a knife.  Evidence from the investigation indicates that Shergill had produced a tactical knife and opened the blade.

The officer stated over the radio to Dispatch, “he has a knife in his right hand” and “he’s refusing my commands.”  The officer then asked the Dispatcher to call the family and “advise them to barricade the front door,” fearing Shergill, armed with a knife, was en route to the residence where he had already assaulted a family member.

Investigatory evidence indicates that Shergill held the knife in a raised position, and advanced towards the involved officers while verbally threatening them.  Officers fired their handguns until Shergill fell to the ground and was no longer a threat to their safety.      

At approximately 9:25 a.m., officers advised by radio that shots had been fired and requested an ambulance respond immediately.  Officers also radioed they were administering first aid.  American Medical Response medics arrived and transported Shergill to San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp, where he was later pronounced dead.

A folding tactical knife approximately 8-inches in length, with an approximate 3½ inch blade in a locked open position, was found at the scene near the area where Shergill collapsed.

A total of 14 shots were fired during the encounter. 

In addition, investigators have located written evidence that indicates Shergill was hostile toward police, the District Attorney’s Office, and healthcare professionals.

Four agencies are completing independent investigations of this case.  Reports from participating agencies typically take many months to complete.  Lodi Police investigators have completed their written reports, and we are awaiting final reports from other investigating agencies.  When all reports have been received, the entire investigation will be presented to the District Attorney.
To date, a total of 17 investigators have been assigned to this case, seven of whom are members of the Lodi Police Department.  The investigative team has conducted more than 60 interviews, collected and examined more than 150 pieces of evidence, taken over 600 evidentiary photographs, and obtained one search warrant for multiple locations.

An attorney representing the Shergill family has publicly stated there are several eyewitnesses who refute the Lodi Police officers’ account of the incident.  On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, following a written request by Chief Helms, the attorney delivered the names of 17 witnesses, along with the statements they purportedly gave to the attorney’s investigator, to Chief Helms.  Investigators have compared the names of those witnesses against their own.  No new eyewitnesses were identified, and no new pertinent information was learned.

Only three witnesses have been identified who actually observed some or part of Shergill’s interaction with the police at the time of the shooting.  If there are additional witnesses who have not been interviewed by the police, we ask them to contact Lodi Police Detective Josh Redding at (209) 333-6871 as soon as possible.


According to Lodi Police Department, Stockton Police Department, and San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office records, there have been numerous events and arrests involving Parminder Singh Shergill between 1988 and 2014.  Several of the calls were family disturbances, some of which involved allegations of violence on the part of Shergill. 

On November 8, 2006, Shergill was arrested by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office for making criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon, and carrying a loaded concealed firearm (SJSO case 06-32592). 

On five occasions prior to January 25, 2014, the Lodi Police Department had responded to Shergill’s residence to investigate the family’s report that Shergill was out of control.    On two of those occasions, Shergill’s mother and sister-in-law declined to press charges after Shergill had allegedly assaulted them.

The Lodi Police Department has found no record that its officers have ever transported Shergill to a veteran’s clinic.


Photos of Shergill’s knife
Audio recording of 911 call
Transcription of audio recording of 911 call
Abridged audio of radio communications (not in real time)
Transcription of audio radio communications
Premise history
Dispatch event log


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