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Babysitting safety

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Getting the job

Know the employer

  • Know the due back time.
  •  Leave the name, address and phone number where you are at with your parents

On the job

Safety check of the house

  • Emergency Exits
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency phone numbers posted (Police, Fire and Doctor).
  • Know the fire exit plan.

Become familiar with the house

  • Doors and window locks.
  •  Lighting

Telephone and house demeanor

  • Don't admit that you are alone.
  • Explain residents are unavailable.
  • Take any messages ( keep paper and pencil handy).
  • Don’t open the door to strangers.

Daytime safety rules outside

  •  Lock doors when outside with children.
  •  Keep house key with you.
  •  Use house restroom before leaving the home to avoid public restrooms.
  •  Don’t talk to strangers.
  •  If you are followed, go to a house or business and call the police.
  •  Upon returning home check the house for anything unusual, don’t go in and call the police if you see anything unusual such as:  an open or broken window or a strange vehicle in front of the house.

Know the house rules

  • Always ask about the rules set for the children you are watching.
  • Medications
  • Friends allowed in the house.
  • Homework
  • Medicine and any medical conditions of the children.
  • Eating times and what foods to avoid if any.

In an emergency

  • CALL 9-1-1

When the job is over

  • Give a full report to your employer.
  • Call home.
  • Be sure you have a ride home.
  • If employer is unable to escort you home, ( i.e. intoxicated), call your parents.
  • Be sure and talk to your parents about your experiences babysitting.

Click here for printable Babysitting Checklist


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