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Specialized Units

The Lodi Police Department is comprised of many special units.  Each unit consists of Officers, Dispatchers, Detectives, and/or Supervisors, all specially trained in a particular field.  Many of the units are on call 24 hours a day.  They include the SWAT team, Bomb Squad, Critical Incident Negotiations Team, K-9 Team, Major Accident Investigation Team, Field Evidence Technicians and Honor Guard.


The Lodi Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) was established in 1986. The SWAT team’s primary mission is to respond to high risk, dangerous situations that require more than standard police response. Types of operations that may involve the deployment of the SWAT team include barricaded subjects, hostage situations, service of search and arrest warrants, and arrest of violent offenders.

The SWAT team consists of fourteen police officers highly-trained in SWAT tactics. Team members are given a specific role in each operation. A team member may be assigned to the entry team, perimeter team, or long rifle team. The SWAT team also utilizes two canine officers specially trained in the SKIDD (SWAT K-9) technique.

SWAT team members train at least 15 hours a month. This training usually consists of a physical challenge, scenarios, weapons courses and qualifications. Team members frequently train with other local SWAT teams as well.

Team members must maintain a high level of physical fitness throughout the year. They are required to pass a rigorous agility test every six months. In addition, they must complete a 25-yard handgun bulls eye target with a minimum score of 90 percent each month.

Bomb Squad

The Lodi Police Department has one of the two accredited bomb squads in San Joaquin County. This bomb squad is manned with two certified bomb technicians. The Lodi PD bomb squad is part of a countywide team, that includes bomb technicians from Stockton PD, Manteca PD and San Joaquin Sheriff. Our bomb techs respond to calls involving explosive devices or post-blast investigations throughout the entire county.

The bomb techs begin their training at a five-week long basic school, conducted by instructors of the FBI and the U.S. Army, at the Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. In order to maintain certification as a bomb tech, they are required to attend a one week long refresher, every three years at Redstone. At Redstone, they are instructed in various fields, such as chemical and biological weapons, electronics, improvised explosives, booby traps, blast effects and investigation techniques.

Their training does not end there. Every month, they participate in training with members of the other bomb squads. Our techs also belong to the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators (IABTI), which also hosts annual-training conferences to keep our skills and knowledge updated. Our bomb techs also have extensive training in the field of fire investigation, and work hand-in-hand with the Lodi Fire Department on suspicious or intentionally set fires. Our unit has been fortunate to have the support of the Police Administration and City Council, which allowed us to purchase the necessary tools and protective equipment in order to effectively and safely perform our duties. These tools include a P.A.N. disrupter, a Safeco bomb suit, and a state of the art x-ray unit. Just remember, if you feel that you have come across a suspicious package that you suspect may contain an explosive device, DON’T TOUCH IT…just call Lodi PD @ 333-6727.

Critical Incident Negotiations Team

In 1987 the Lodi Police Department anticipated a possible need for several highly trained individuals in the area of negotiation techniques.  This need laid the groundwork for what is today called the Critical Incident Negotiations Team or CINT.  These specially selected members of the Police Department include Police Officers and Communications Dispatchers.  Our Team works in conjunction with the Special Weapons and Tactical Team (S.W.A.T.) members in situations that may involve barricaded persons or armed hostage takers.

The team will make contact with the involved person in an attempt to resolve the problem by peaceful means eliminating further chance of any person being injured.  Situations where a team response may be necessary may include:  Hostage Situations, Mentally Unstable Persons, or High Risk Arrests.

Team members are trained in areas of intelligence gathering, threat evaluation, and problem resolution.  The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice both provide training for C.I.N.T. members.

The negotiators abilities are utilized to try and reduce the threat of otherwise volatile situations and minimize suffering.

K-9 Team

The LPD K-9 Team consists of four dogs and handlers. 

  • Officer Josh Redding and K-9 partner Sledge
  • Officer Chris Delgado and K-9 partner Max
  • Officer Andrea Belaski and K-9 partner Taz
  • Officer Ryan LaRue and K-9 partner Kael

Major Accident Investigation Team

Lodi M.A.I.T. is a 10-member team consisting of a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, four Motor Officers, an FET, and three patrol officers.   Team members are specially trained in accident investigation, reconstruction, evidence collection, and vehicle inspection.   All team members are on a call-out basis, and are activated should there be a serious injury or fatal collision.  It is the job of Lodi M.A.I.T. to determine the exact cause of the accident, and conduct any necessary enforcement of the responsible patry(s).

Field Evidence Technicians

Lodi Police Department Field Evidence Technicians are comprised of Officers, Community Service Officers, and Dispatcher/Jailers.  All FET's are specially trained in the collection and preservation of finger prints, evidence, and maintaining crime scene integrity.  FET's are on 24 hour call-out stand by should their services be needed.

Honor Guard

"Go, stranger, and tell the Lacedaemonians that we lie here in obedience to their laws"  - Inscription from California Peace Officers Memorial

The Lodi Police Department's Honor Guard consists of eight members under the command of Lieutenant Fernando Martinez. The purpose of the Honor Guard is to show Honor and Respect to a fallen peace officer and his or her family.  The Honor Guard has traveled across the State of California and into Nevada to attend funerals for peace officers killed in the line of duty.  The Lodi Police Department Honor Guard serves beyond honoring officers killed in the line of duty by attending funerals for officers killed outside the line of duty, for retired Lodi Police Officers and for non-sworn department personnel.

Each May the Honor Guard attends the California Peace Officer Memorial at the State Capitol.  The Honor Guard stands in formation with thousands of Peace Officers from across the state forming the Walk of Honor, which honors the families of the fallen officers from the previous year.  In addition to the State Memorial, the Honor Guard attends the San Joaquin County Peace Officer Memorial each May to give honor to those peace officers in San Joaquin County who have given the ultimate sacrifice in serving their community.  Each May the Honor Guard also pays respect to all peace officers killed in the line of duty across the United States at a memorial service hosted by Lodi Police Department at Temple Baptist Church.

In 1999 the Lodi Police Department Honor Guard, along with other members of the department, traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the National Peace Officer Memorial. We joined over 10,000 peace officers from across the Nation to honor those officers killed in the line of duty in the United States, including Lodi Police Officer Rick Cromwell.

The Honor Guard also acts as a Color Guard at formal events where the United States Flag is displayed, such as Lodi Police Department retirement ceremonies, swearing in of a new Chief, Delta College Police Academy graduation and opening ceremonies of police conferences etc.  A Color Guard detail most often consists of two officers carrying a United States flag and the State of California flag and two side guards armed with chrome plated Remington 870 shotguns flanking them.  The purpose of the Color Guard is to show honor, respect, and protection of the United States and California Flags.

The Honor Guard has an extremely high degree of integrity and is always striving to display the utmost honor and respect to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

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