SUBJECT:                                           :           ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE  -  Policy


DATE ISSUED:                                   :           May 1, 1995


SECTION:                                           :           A


REFERENCE:                                     :           Fair Labor Standards Act of 1974 & 1991;                                                                                          Resolution No. 89-189.




SECTION 1:                                        PURPOSE


                                                            The Administrative Leave program is available to all designated employees determined by the City to be exempt under the wage and hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.



SECTION 2:                                        DEFINITION


                                                            An employee designated by the City of Lodi under the category of executive, administrative, or professional, as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments of 1974 & 1991, and who is performing in a bonafide capacity thereof, shall be entitled to participate in the City's Administrative Leave and Compensation Program.



SECTION 3:                                        ELIGIBILITY GROUPS


                                                            All employees designated as Department Heads (Group A), Mid-Management (Group B), and Administrative/Professional (Group C) employees, and whose class title is included within one of these groups, are eligible to receive Administrative Leave.  The eligible groups and assigned classes are listed as follows:








Group A:  Department Heads


Administrative Assistant To The City             Manager

Assistant City Manager

City Attorney

City Clerk

City Manager

Community Development Director

Community Center Director

Deputy City Attorney


Economic Development Coordinator

Electric Utility Director

Finance Director

Fire Chief


Police Chief

Public Works Director

Parks & Recreation Director

Personnel Director

                                                         Group B:  Mid-Management


Accountant I/II

Accounting Manager

Administrative Assistant

Assistant Electric Utility Director

Assistant Street Superintendent

Assistant Wastewater Treatment             Superintendent

Assistant Water/Wastewater Superintendent

Building & Equipment Maintenance             Superintendent

Chief Building Inspector

Children's Librarian

City Engineer

Data Processing Manger

Electric Systems Supervisor

Electric Utility Rate Analyst

Electric Utility Superintendent

Electrical Engineer

Fire Administrative Officer

Fire Battalion Chief

Information Systems Coordinator

Manager Adult Services

Manager Rates and Resources

Park Superintendent

Personnel Analyst I/II

Police Captain

Police Lieutenant

Police Sergeant

Purchasing Officer

Recreation Supervisor

Revenue Manager

Senior Civil Engineer

Senior Electric Utility Rate Analyst

Senior Planner

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Senior Recreation Supervisor

Senior Services Coordinator

Services Division Supervisor

Street Superintendent

Utility Operations Supervisor

Water/Wastewater Superintendent






                                                            Group C:  Administrative/Professional


Junior/Assistant/Associate Planner                                 Librarian I/II

Junior/Assistant Engineer/Associate Civil Engineer        





                                                            Exempt employees shall not be subject to a deduction in pay of leave balances of less than one week (40 hours) when under disciplinary action except for infractions of significant safety rules.



SECTION 5:                                        HOURS CREDITS AND PAYMENTS


                                                            On the first day of each fiscal year (July 1), employees in Groups A and B are credited with 80 hours of Administrative Leave, and employees in Group C are credited with 40 hours.  Fire employees in Group B on a shift schedule are credited with 120 hours of Administrative Leave.


                                                            New employees or employees becoming eligible due to a promotion receive administrative leave on a prorated basis, with 8 hours granted for each full calendar month remaining in the fiscal year with a maximum of 80 hours.  Fire shift mid-management shall be prorated with 10 hours granted for each full month remaining in the fiscal year with a maximum of 120 hours.


                                                            All administrative leave is available for utilization upon hire, and may be taken in quarter hour increments, and must be utilized by July 1.  There shall be no carry-over of unused leave into the following fiscal year.


                                                            Cash payments for unused Administrative Leave at the end of each fiscal year is subject to administrative directive and the management/mid-management Statement of Benefits.


                                                            Upon separation of employment, unused Administrative Leave may be received as a cash payment.