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Fire Safety for Kids

How Kids Can Prevent Fires

Never play with matches or lighters.

Never handle gasoline or liquids that burn easily.

Be careful around stoves, fireplaces, and barbecues.

Do not cook without an adult around.

If something catches fire or you see smoke, quickly tell an adult or dial 911.

Stay on the phone and listen for instructions.

Ask your teacher or parents about going on a field trip to a local fire station.

Practice fire drills with your school AND your family.

For more information, please review the Firesetters factsheet, or visit the U.S. Fire Administration at www.usfa.fema.gov.


Sparky the Fire Dog is an interactive website designed to educate children aged three and up on fire safety. Kids can play while they learn about fire trucks, smoke alarms, play online activities, and more. There's even information and activities for parents! Visit Sparky's site at www.sparky.org.


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