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Happy Holidays
from the
Lodi Fire Department




Members of the Lodi Fire Department will be collecting your donations of canned foods this year for the Lodi Food Bank. 

Look for a firefighter escorting Santa to give your donations!

Santa Claus is coming to town! Mr. and Mrs. Claus called the firefighters and told them to get the big red truck ready for Santa's visit to Lodi between December 5 and December 19, weather permitting.

Follow us on Facebook to stay abreast of the latest updates, including any unforeseen route/schedule changes

This year Santa will begin his night visiting a shopping center parking lot prior to his routes through the city. He will begin traveling towards the below parking lots at approximately 6:30 p.m. following a short stop at the parking lots, he will continue towards his assigned route for the night.

12/05/16 S-Mart on Kettleman Ln.

12/06/16 Costco

12/07/16 Wal-Mart

12/08/16 Rancho San Miguel

12/13/16 Lakewood Mall

12/14/16 S-Mart on Lodi Ave.

12/15/16 Devine Canceled due to rain

12/19/16 Target

12/21/16 Devine (make up date for last week's rain cancellation)

Lodi Fire Department will be driving Santa through the following neighborhoods (routes change yearly).

Locate your neighborhood on the map to find out when Santa will be near your house. 

He cannot go down every street so if you hear him be on the lookout!!!

Street route maps by individual date

Monday, December 5th

Tuesday, December 6th

Wednesday, December 7th

Thursday, December 8th

Monday, December 12th

Tuesday, December 13th

Wednesday, December 14th

Thursday, December 15th - A Canceled due to rain

Thursday, December 15th - B Canceled due to rain

Monday, December 19th

Wednesday, December 21st - A

Wednesday, December 21st - B


Santa also wants you to be safe and enjoy his visits.

He has a few safety rules:

  • Do not run in front of the fire truck
  • Do not climb on the fire truck

Holiday safety tips: 


  • Make sure the tree is fresh, not dry and losing it's needles.

    If buying a pre-cut tree, make a new cut approximately one inch above the old cut to facilitate water movement through the cells.

    Leave the tree outside until you are ready to decorate it.


  • Before using lights on the tree make sure that they are UL listed. Never use more than three strings of lights on one circuit.

    Make sure that all connections are tight and the bulbs and cords are in good condition, not loose or frayed as to cause a short.

    Be able to turn off the lights without having to crawl under the tree.

    Artificial trees should be made of flame resistant materials, and lights should never be used on trees with metal frames.

    Never leave the lights on when leaving the house or when going to bed.

    Keep candles away from Christmas trees. Never used candles as Christmas tree decorations.

    When shopping for Christmas tree ornaments, look for ones that are flame resistant.


  • Setup your tree in a cool location.

    Avoid placing it in an area close to heating appliances or the fireplace. This will not only dry the tree out prematurely, but can also increase the chance of accidental ignition.

    Keep the tree out of high traffic areas, and away from stairways and doors.

    Secure the tree so that it cannot be knocked over by pets or a small child.

    Place the tree in water and make sure to check the water level daily.


  • The tree should be removed from the home in the event that it becomes dry and begins shedding needles. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE.

    Remove the tree as soon as possible after Christmas. Dispose of all papers and boxes at once, do not allow them to accumulate.

    NEVER burn a tree in a fireplace. Dry Christmas trees burn very hot and extremely quick. The fire may rapidly leave the fireplace and move into your room.


  • There are only two options:
    • Haul it away yourself.
    • The Boys Scouts of America will be picking up Christmas trees as community service project in early January. Donations for this service is appreciated.
  • The City of Lodi does not pick up Christmas trees. Please do not place them in the streets.

The Lodi Fire Department wishes you a very
safe holiday season

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