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Starting utility service

Residential Utilities

General Information

Water, sewage and electric utility service is provided by the City of Lodi within the city limits. The City also collects a charge for garbage pick-up on behalf of Central Valley Waste Management.

Accounts may be opened in person at the Finance office, 310 W. Elm Street.
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Applications should be returned in person to the Finance office. Although information regarding utility services is available here, you may call (209) 333-6717 for more information.

If you are starting new residential service, you will need the following:

  • A picture ID (Driver’s License, state ID, military ID or U.S. passport).
  • A signed Rental Agreement or proof of home ownership.
  • A completed Service Application (Download form here: English or Spanish).
  • All previous balances and collection agency fees must be paid in full (if applicable).
  • A deposit may be required to start new service.


Customers who have a clean credit history with the City of Lodi or can provide a credit reference letter from another utility are not required to provide a deposit to establish service with the City of Lodi.

Those unable to meet that requirement must provide a deposit to the Finance office in order to obtain service. A deposit (in the form of cash, cashier’s check, money order, Visa or MasterCard) is required for any of the following:

Applying for New Service
The applicant(s) has had a prior delinquent account sent for collection (The credit bureau and all collection fees must be paid in addition to the deposit).
The applicant(s) does not have a credit reference letter.

For applicants who do not have valid U.S. identification, an additional deposit may be required. Additional deposit for no valid U.S. identification will be waived if there is one applicant on the account with a valid U.S. identification.

Sealed for Non-Payment (SNP)
When a delinquent account is turned off for non-payment, a deposit (as stated above) as well as a field service trip fee, cost of any damages, collection fees and all amounts owing must be paid to restore service.

Residential utility deposit schedule


1 bedroom
2 bedroom
3 bedroom
4+ bedrooms

Commercial/Industrial Deposits

 A deposit of not more than twice the average monthly service charges will be required (minimum of $500) at initiation of service.

Credit to Account/ Retention of Deposit

Deposits will be credited to the customer’s account:

  1. After 12 consecutive months of current payment history (no late charges)
  2. If the account is closed and a final billing has been generated

Deposits for no U.S. identification will remain on the account until either:

  1. Valid U.S. identification is provided
  2. The account is closed

The retention period for all deposits is normally one year.  However, the City of Lodi reserves the right to retain deposits longer than the normal one-year retention period if, in the Finance Services Manager’s opinion a deposit is still warranted.


Click here for information about garbage pickup and recycling opportunities.

Closing Accounts

It is your responsibility to notify the City when you move or wish any changes made in your account.


The City Council made changes to City’s utility billing process on Feb. 1, 2012.  Key elements of the new ordinance include:

  • 26 calendar days from issue date to pay the bill before late fees are charged
  • $10 late fees assessed on Day 27 on unpaid amounts
  • 10-day shut-off notice sent and $15 late fee assessed on Day 36
  • 48-hour shut off notice sent on Day 44
  • Utilities shut off on Day 46

The revised ordinance allows customers to make terms for payments up to two times per 12-month period.  Maximum length of payment terms is three months.

All Billing Inquiries: (209) 333-6717


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