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Randi Johl, City Clerk
(221 W. Pine Street, 95240)
P.O. Box 3006, 95241-1910
(209) 333-6702
(209) 333-6807 FAX

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PictureCandidate Information
November 4, 2008, General Municipal Election


Two (2) Council Member Seats
(Terms of Bob Johnson and JoAnne Mounce will be expiring)


JoAnne L. Mounce

Home/Work: (209) 333-2814
Voice Mail: (209) 333-6800 x9286


Ballot Designation: Businesswoman

Bob Johnson


Bob Johnson

Home: (209) 334-0370
Work: (209) 340-4508
Voice Mail: (209) 333-6800 x9284


Ballot Designation: Councilman


Cliff DeBaugh

Cliff DeBaugh

Work: (209) 334-1300
Voice Mail: (209) 333-6800 x9287


Ballot Designation: Business Owner

Roger Khan

Roger Khan

Home: (209) 570-5468
Work: (209) 365-8324
Voice Mail: (209) 333-6800 x9289


Ballot Designation: Realtor/Businessman





Kelly Bates

Home: (209) 369-1066
Voice Mail: (209) 333-6800 x9288


Ballot Designation: Educator/Businessman


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