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Building forms and handouts

For information on requirements and to access a selection of commonly requested documents, click on forms and handouts below.

Alternate Materials or Methods of Construction or Design Request  
Application - Commercial package  
Application - Fire Protection & Checklist  
Application - Master building permit
Owner/Builder Application Supplemental Form
Application - Owner/Builder Benefits & Risks AND Owner/Builder Notice
Authorization to Connect Utility Service Policy
Building Codes & Structural Design Criteria
Certificate of Occupancy for Existing Space - No Changes
Commercial Buildings - New - Plan Submittal
Commercial Coach - Plan Submittal
Commercial Photovoltaic Procedure
Commercial Seismic Upgrades for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings
Commercial Tenant Improvement - Plan Submittal
Commercial Tenant Improvement - Q & A
Commercial - T.I. Tuesday Policy
Commercial - Unreasonable Hardship Determination Form
Construction Allowed without Permits - Commercial
Construction Allowed without Permits - Residential
Construction Commenced without Permits
Demolition - Permit Process
Demolition - Residential Swimming Pool
Fire Protection Equipment Plan Review and Inspections fees
HVAC Handout
Residential Rooftop Photovoltaic Procedure:
Building - Photovoltaic Permit Checklist and Packet
Electric Utility - Packet link
Residential - Bathroom Remodel
Residential - Buildings - New
Residential - Conversion of Garage to Habitable Space
Residential - Conversion of Single Family Dwelling to Office or Commercial Use

Residential - Emergency escape/rescue windows

Residential - Foundation(slab) Addendum per Geotechnical Engineer Report
Residential - Kitchen Remodel
Residential - Kitchen remodel checklist
Residential - Master Plans Submittal
Residential - Patio Cover - Attached
Residential - Plan Review Checklist Additions/Remodels

Residential - Production Homes


Residential - Site Plan Sample  
Residential - Swimming Pools & Spas  
Residential - Water Heater Installation  
Roof - Conversion from a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof  
Roof - Attic Ventilation  
Roof - Re-roof Handout  
Roof - Re-roof Required Inspection  
Special Inspection & Testing Agreement  
Window Replacement


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